For families looking to holiday on a budget but don't want a budget holiday

(or how to get great accommodation for a fraction of the regular price).

Here is an amazing trick to getting a cheap family holiday.

Don’t you just like life hacks? You know those cool tricks that you can do to, for example, save closet space, paint your nails more easily or tidy cables etc. What if there was a life hack for getting cheap holidays with compromises?

Actually, there is… kinda. As we all know Hotels and resorts lower the cost of a stay in the offseason. These discounts can make traveling outside of peak season more affordable.

Everyone knows that – there’s no trick to it.

Oasis Lanz Club Lanzarote

Wow Holidayz came about to bring a life hack to budget holiday seekers. It’s all because even with discounted off-peak rates, hotels of don’t operate at full capacity.

When they have empty rooms (referred to in the hotel industry as “empty beds”) then they miss out on potential. Not just the income for the room but also the potential for additional profit through food sales at the restaurant, drinks by the pool, and room service or on-site supermarket sales.

The value to a Hotel or Resort of the visitor is more than just the room rental.

So what is a “life hack” to get cheaper rooms? It’s simple. Because they know they will have “empty beds” we have negotiated huge discounts we can offer here on to help them attract more visitors during this time and stay full.

The resorts don’t want to advertise this price elsewhere because they want to protect their standard off-peak rate on the normal hotel/travel online portals . People searching online for cheap family holidays would see these prices alongside regular off-peak prices and it would undercut their normal of peak rate. In short, they would just push the price down.

Club Marina Tenerife
Club Marina Tenerife

Cheaper family holidays with Wow Holidays

That’s where Wow Holidays come in. The life hack for getting cheaper hotel stays isn’t available to members of the public and in fact, even with inside industry knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to rent these rooms because it’s better for the Hotel to leave them empty than show people how low they are willing to go.

Wow Holidays has negotiated extremely cheap hotel stays in great places like Spain and Italy and always in Top Resorts and hotels. We’ve been allowed offer their unsold inventory at amazing prices (up to 80% off). This is not budget accommodation, these are top quality hots and resorts at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll need to be a little bit flexible in the dates which you travel because at any moment we can sell out for particular dates (so the sooner you book the more likely you’ll get a fantastic family holiday for a fraction of the regular cost) but rest assured you’ll get to take advantage of a real life-hack to get great hotel rooms or resort stays by booking at Wow Holidayz.