View of harbour with yachts in Alicante, Spain

Cheap family holidays in Spain

Spain, the land of sol (sun) and also the land of cheap family holidays? Well yes, if you know how. Traditionally, Spain has been quite a cost-effective location to visit for your holiday because of lower living costs relative to the UK and indeed other European locations. Of course, put that together with lot’s of […]

Nautilus Family Hotel Pesaro Italy

Amazing Life-hack for family holidays on a budget

For families looking to holiday on a budget but don’t want a budget holiday (or how to get great accommodation for a fraction of the regular price). Here is an amazing trick to getting a cheap family holiday. Don’t you just like life hacks? You know those cool tricks that you can do to, for […]

Hotel La Meridiana Perugia Umbria

How to get cheap family holidays and vacations in the offseason.

If you want a cheap holiday then you probably know that booking a hotel or resort just outside the offseason will net you a good deal but do you know that every hotel and resort has beds available with up to 80% off. The problem they face is that they can’t advertise them. It’s easy […]

Pueblo Evita Holiday Resort

Fantastic Spanish Family Holidays for less

Wow Holdayz is pleased to announce some great new Spànish Holidays available. Thanks to our exclusive contracts we can offer family unprecedented savings on Spanish family holidays from Hotels and resorts that want to keep from having empty beds. These hotels and resorts want to maximise their potential. But outside of peak season (July and […]