Spain, the land of sol (sun) and also the land of cheap family holidays? Well yes, if you know how.

Traditionally, Spain has been quite a cost-effective location to visit for your holiday because of lower living costs relative to the UK and indeed other European locations. Of course, put that together with lot’s of sunshine and you have a winning formula for family holidays.

But how can you get a really cheap family holiday in Spain?

There are a variety of ways you can achieve a budget holiday in Spain. Because flights to Spain are already relatively cheap, taking the whole family is often quite cost-effective. In fact, thanks to competition amongst budget airlines, getting the family to Spain is already about as cheap as it gets. So aside from looking out for a special deal, you’re not going to find any ways to save a significant amount on flights to Spain.

That’s not a problem because there is a great trick to saving up to 80% on your accommodation.

Oasis Lanz Club Lanzarote
Club Marina Tenerife

How to save up to 80% on your family holiday accommodation in Spain:

The most obvious way to save money on your accommodation is to simply get cheaper accommodation, for example, instead of staying in a hotel you could go camping. But who wants to fly over to Spain to go camping? Most people don’t want to make that kind of trip and submit the family to roughing it for a week. Thankfully you don’t have to.

There is a great way to get quality accommodation for your family in Spain at an amazing price. There are just two things you need to do:

1) Be flexible and book in the off-season
2) Book with Wow Holidayz

Wow Holidays can help you get a great hotel room for up to 80% off. It’s not just because we offer hotel and resort accommodation in the off-season, but during these off-peak times, the resort and hotels we represent in Spain are normally less than full capacity. So we help them fill up with prices way below the usual off-peak rates shown on other online portals.

Pueblo Evita Holiday Resort
Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands

They are prepared to offer such cheap family holidays in Spain because the hotels and resorts have many other facilities available to holidaymakers like restaurants, bars and leisure activities which they can earn money from. So instead of having an empty room, they get some income from the room and then they make additional profits elsewhere.

That means you get a cheap holiday in Spain for the whole family but are also pampered with great food and entertainment and if you really want to go further and save more (to get the holiday of a lifetime for your family for even less), you can opt to use the resorts full apartment facilities and prepare your own meals. The resorts don’t mind as they have reasonable prices at their on-site supermarkets.

We however always recommend to at least purchase the prepaid breakfast as they’re not expensive and allow you to gather the family together and leave the room and get a great start to your day.

In any case, whatever you decide to do the answer is clear. To get a cheap family holiday in Spain, the best thing to do is take a look here at Wow Holidayz where our exclusive agreements with resorts and hotels mean you can get up to 80% off (without having to go camping!).